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At Germantown Chiropractic we know you’re hurting. We know that if you’re like others in Louisville, you’ve searched everywhere for some kind of relief to help you live the life you want to live again. Even if you have tried other chiropractic or manual therapies, our unique services may offer you alternative solution for controlling your spinal pain.



Ultrasound is a passive therapy using a round “wand” and conductive gel to produce a calming and therapeutic effect. Most commonly, ultrasound is used in the areas of the trapezius and rotator cuff musculature in the upper body and in the gluteal musculature in the lower body. Ultrasound utilizes sound waves to penetrate the tissues and cause vibration and heat therapy (although modifications can be made to reduce heat in cases of acute injury). Typically, no heat is felt by the patient. Therapeutic benefits include muscle relaxation, reduced swelling, and scar tissue breakdown.


Huber Motion Lab

Germantown Chiropractic uses the Huber Motion Lab to help our patients strengthen their core muscles helping to relieve back pain! Call us today and find out how we can help you get rid of your back pain!

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Home Care

3D printed CUSTOM orthotics fitted in our office and on your feet in one week! New technology allows these orthotics to be customized to fit you and your needs without the hefty price tag that typically comes with orthotic insoles.

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Cox Technic

Named after its developer, James M. Cox DC DACBR, Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression is a gentle, non-force chiropractic adjusting approach. 63.7% of chiropractic physicians report using flexion-distraction in their practices.

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Electric Stimulation

Primarily, in our office, we use interferential current therapy (IFC). This is used to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscles and increase blood flow. This will only be used at the beginning of treatment as needed and will not typically be used as part of a routine visit.


Manual Therapy

Mobilizing a joint without releasing the musculature that moves that joint is like fighting an uphill battle. Tight, shortened muscles will not allow continued healthy movement in the joint and the joint will become restricted again. As part of the Cox Technic, spinal musculature is mobilized, trigger points are released, and muscle tone imbalances are addressed. However, occasionally, additional myofascial release (massage/muscle work) is required in supporting areas of the body, such as the hips, legs, shoulders, arms, etc. When additional time and work is required in these areas, it is considered an additional service – manual therapy.

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