Home Care

3D printed CUSTOM orthotics fitted in our office and on your feet in one week! New technology allows these orthotics to be customized to fit you and your needs without the hefty price tag that typically comes with orthotic insoles.

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  • Many research articles tout the benefits of various supplements/vitamins/products/etc. for your spinal health. These are the few that I currently recommend and stand behind:
  • Discat Plus – a glucosamine chondroitin supplement featuring Perna canaliculus, the most effective preparation available for treatment of arthritis. http://coxtrc.com/images/discat_info_sheet.pdf
  • Calcium/Vitamin D3 – for osteoporosis prevention/management. http://coxtrc.com/images/form_2_calcium_caps.pdf
  • Magnesium (Natural Calm) – Used primarily at night to help with relaxation of musculature; most people are deficient in this important nutrient. http://naturalvitality.com/natural-calm/
  • Fish Oil – has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect and is a deficiency found in many adults


Braces for the lower back are not routinely recommended in this office. Braces can be used to protect during times of injury and excessive work requirements, but SHOULD NOT be used routinely. The use of a brace on a consistent basis can train the muscles to stop doing their job and actually cause them to weaken. Braces are only recommended in times of acute pain and/or to help perform necessary work-related activities. Please discuss the use of a brace with your physician before wearing.

TENS units

TENS units can be purchased in-office and used at home/work for pain control. No lasting effect has been documented with use, but they can be extremely effective for short-term pain control.


These are “icy hot” type products that can be used for pain control at home. Both are available for purchase in-office.


Depending on your condition, physical ability, and pain level, Dr. Murrow will give you exercises to do at home, usually starting on your first visit. Exercises are VITAL to the success of your treatment program and the more that you stick to the recommended exercise regimen, the better your outcome will be.