Have you ever watched professional sports of any kind, and wondered why the athletes are wearing colorful tape on their body? It’s not a fashion statement, nor is it part of their uniform. The tape they’re wearing has a functional or performance purpose. Tape is relatively new but powerful technology that the healthcare community is just beginning to understand and study. The tape is a made of cotton and nylon with medical grade adhesive, so it’s very elastic, but sticks the skin. These combined features allow the tape to adhere to the skin and remain on through movements of large ranges of motion, speed, and power. This ability to stay on the body can help us manipulate the targeted area in 3 ways: Stabilization, neurological/muscular re-education, and fluid circulation. In short, this taping can help stabilizing a rolled ankle, help reduce inflammation in the area, and then later retrain the muscles to contract more effectively. This tape is hypo-allergenic and comes in water resistant forms as well.

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